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[pronounced Wool-ette]


Built in Westwego, LA by AVONDALE SHIPYARDS, INC.


  • 16 January 1969 - Keel Laid

  • 17 January 1970 - Christened and Launched 

  • 12 December 1970 - Commissioned

  • 30 June 1975 - Reclassified Frigate (FF-1077)   

  • 6 August 1993 - Decommissioned   

  • 11 January 1995 - Stricken from Navy Rolls 

  • 27 November 1996 - Sold to Thailand and renamed HTMS Phutthaloetla Naphalai (F-462)   

  • Add Thai History... TBD


USS Ouellet Highlights


The USS Ouellet arrived at homeport in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on April 15, 1971.

The first deployment to the Western Pacific was from January 27, 1972 to August 25, 1972. USS Ouellet twice came under hostile fire during this deployment, however no causalities were sustained.

During ceremonies re-establishing the U.S. Third Fleet on February 1, 1973 the USS Ouellet became the first Third Fleet flagship since World War II.

The second deployment to the Western Pacific was from May through September 1973.

The first regular overhaul took place from September 14, 1974 to June 3, 1975 and USS Ouellet was selected as the CINCPACFLT flagship for the U.S. Navy's 200th birthday ceremonies in the fall of 1975.

USS Ouellet completed two more Western Pacific deployments prior to an overhaul in late 1978.  The regular overhaul was completed mid-1979 with three Western Pacific deployments commencing September 1980, April 1982, and October 1983 respectively.

A third major overhaul in began in February 1985 during which USS Ouellet received extensive weapon system upgrades.

The eighth deployment began in April 1987 with Battle Group Delta to the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman.  The ship returned to Pearl Harbor on October 6, 1987.

In early 1988 USS Ouellet participated in a special operation coordinated by the Coast guard to capture the CHRISTINA M, a cargo vessel laden with over 12 tons of marijuana.

The ninth deployment in was from mid December 1988 to May 26 1989.  In September the ship participated in "Pacific Exercises 89" (PACEX 89).


In August 1990 the USS Ouellet departed to Central America in support of law enforcement operations.  These operations, called "Legal OPS '90" included a detachment of Coast Guard personnel to act as a legal "policing force" with the ship operating in both the Atlantic and Pacific.  Close to a ton of pure, unprocessed, cocaine was recovered.


The USS Ouellet's final deployment was from March 25th to July 24th, 1992.  During this deployment USS Ouellet participated in "Pacific ASW Exercise 92" and operated with elements of the Australian Navy in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea.

NOTE: The information above was extracted from various official and unofficial sources.

Radio and flag hoist call letters:


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