We remember here, our shipmates, who served aboard the USS Ouellet and who have reported to that final muster to stand before their maker.

We are thankful for the opportunity we have had, to share our time with them, and whether they were lost while in the service of their country, by accident, illness or age, let it be known to all that they are missed.

David George Ouellet SN
1944 - 1967
Richard Ouellet
Honorary Shipmate
June 27, 2012
Larry W Holiwell DK1
Robert J Herrera SN
Larry Hurt BT3
Craig J Hamren STG1
Bradley S Ables LT
Howard N Hansen STG2
Ronald Argillander GMTC
John F Baumgardner CO
Michael W Arnold LTJG
Robert "Hap" Harris BMCM
James F Ingram RM2
Craig M Jeffries YN1
Michael D Belston MMC
Harold Bengston ETSN
Terrance E Kenny DK1 
James Kunkel ET2
Roger Lewis STG1
Jack P Macswain LTJG
Terry A Bodenbender EW1
Scott D Boedecker EW
Larry G Mckee GMG3
Rocky H Buice MM3
Darrell G Blythe MMSN
Charles C Burton GMG2
Jimmy H Cannoy SN
Robert T Bunnell LCDR
Harry E Meyer, Jr BT2
Timmy D Mines BM3
Michael Miller OS2
Joseph A Moore ET2
Michael J Moshinskie SA
Nicholas Paleologos CDR
Jack R Carter BT3
Charles D Carvin RM3
Joseph A Dinan RD2
Patrick M Comi LCDR
Larry S Numbers BM2
Edward J Muldoon LCDR
Eugene J Pavlus TMO1
Guy Adam Snell BM3
Richard C Smith ET1
James A Doloway RDC
Sheldon Dvojacki BT2
John S Ekstrom CDR
Frederick P Flanigan CS1
Eddie Fool GMG1
Donald R Goecker MAC
Stanley Green OS
John G Roush ET2
Ian Smith EW3
Clyde B Raines MMCM
Leonard Sweet RM1
Courtney S Tucker STG3
John T Taylor ICC
Art Gazelle MSC
Joel D Givens CDR
David S Gustafson EM3
Terry L Winebarger GMGSN
Peter Wojcik ET1
James W Van Zandt SM1
John H Weatherford BT3
Robert M Wicklund LCDR
George G Yun NC1