USS Ouellet Sea Cadet Program

The David G. Ouellet Division of the Gloucester Sea Cadets is a local division of the United States Naval
Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC). Their base for regular training meetings is at the US Coast Guard Station in
Gloucester, Massachusetts.
The USNSCC is federally chartered by Congress under Public Law 87-655 as a non-profit civilian
organization. The Sea Cadets are a national youth leadership development organization. They promote
interest and skill in naval disciplines while instilling strong moral character and life skills through programs
modeled after the US Navy's professional development system.
The USS Ouellet Association supports the Ouellet Division Sea Cadets for annual uniform requirements
and other needs. The Association leadership has committed to a minimum level of $500 annually for this
or any purpose. However, this support frequently exceeds that commitment. In 2018 and 2017,
shipmates and family donated a total of $1500. In 2016, when the Ouellet division sea cadets expressed
a severe need for new winter uniforms, the association donated $1500 for this purpose specifically.
The USS Ouellet Association, as an IRC 501(c) (19) charity, has selected the Sea Cadets as a cause
worthy of its financial support. The Association supports the Sea Cadets partly because they keep the
memory of our namesake and his selfless example relevant to present generations. But this is done
frequently and repeatedly with respect and with high honor and professionalism.
In addition to their regular training meetings, the Ouellet Sea Cadets participate as a group in other
fundraising events. They present The Colors at several events through the year... holidays, civic events,
charity run fundraisers, memorials... these young people demonstrate respect and gratitude toward all
the veterans they meet.
To learn more about the USNSCC, view their national website:
To learn more the David G Ouellet Division, follow their Facebook group:


There is no fee for membership in the USS Ouellet Association. The Association relies on donations to
cover operating expenses.
To donate specifically to the Sea Cadets through the USS Ouellet Association, use the attached form and
indicate your donation is for the Sea Cadets.
We are also asking your help so we can meet our commitment for sponsoring and funding the Honor
Graduate award at the North East Region Recruit Training Boot Camp. This $250 award is made each
year to the Sea Cadet graduate who demonstrates high achievement and leadership.
The Recruit Training occurs each year in July. Shipmates are always desired to attend the awards
ceremony on behalf of the USS Ouellet Association. The family of David G. Ouellet always attends, and
they are a pleasure to be with. If you are interested in representing the Association in this capacity
contact Charlie Crossan ( or Lee White ( for further





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