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USS Ouellet Membership Information

The USS Ouellet FF-1077 Association is a non-profit association dedicated to the crew who served on the USS Ouellet and the relatives of her namesake, David Ouellet.


Our goals are to bring our crew back together, share old memories, and have some fun along the way.


Membership is open to all sailors (Officers and Enlisted) who served aboard the USS Ouellet at any time between the commissioning date of 12 December 1970 until the decommissioning date of 6 August 1993.




Honorary members include immediate family members and relativities of David Ouellet.

Registered members are those who have submitted address information to the association.


There are no membership fees. The association is sustained by donations.

Voluntary donations can be sent to the association Treasurer at any time.

Donations may be requested to cover the Sea Cadet Program and other administration costs.





Interested in becoming an Association member? Fill out the form below. An Association officer will respond back to you within a few days of receipt to welcome you!


USS Ouellet Association Contact List

President: David Kuhl

Vice President: Mike Dodds

Secretary: John Burke

Treasurer: William Young

Webmaster: Mike Dodds



Chet Lipka

Dave Meng

Jeff Becker

George Padan

Bob Walker

James Zimmer

Patrick Smith

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